Doctor Warning: Do Not Remove Earwax

A common belief that a person should always clean one's ears has finally been greenlit by doctors. A doctor warning indicating that earwax should be left untouched was given for several reasons. The new guidelines on taking care of the ears are now accessible to people from different parts of the world.

Cerumen, most popularly known as earwax has always been an indicator of uncleanliness for many. People from all over the world practice a habit of removing it using different kinds of tools. Some people have been using foreign objects to remove it thereby causing more harm than good.

Stat News advices people to avoid probing foreign bodies in an attempt to scrape the Cerumen off the ears. Even the use of proper instruments is discouraged as it is more dangerous in the hands of those without proper training. This habit is dangerous because the skin within the ear canal is very fragile that it is easily scratched and abraded.

WPXI News reports that doctors from the American Academy of Otolaryngology has set new guidelines in ear cleaning and has released a doctor warning about its possible effects. Excessive attempts to clean it with Q-tips or any other foreign material may push the earwax inside causing the occurrence of more build-up.

Earwax is a natural substance that is intended to protect and keep the ears healthy. This is why doctors recommend to leave them as it is unless an incident makes it necessary for a procedure or surgery to remove it. In this way, potential infections and other problems may be prevented.

Since the ear canal is closed at one end, the act of chewing and talking will already help move Cerumen outwards. The doctor warning states that no matter how murky it may look, it is still best to keep it that way. This will spare a lot of people from acquiring ear infections, hearing loss and perforated eardrums.

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