Shenmue Remastered Games Might Be Coming Soon

There has been some furor happening over Shenmue when news circulated that Sega Europe has registered a domain for Shenmue HD. Fans have been disappointed many times but they hope that this time, it will be real.

SegaEurope has registered a domain called which suggests that Sega could be creating a remastered version of its Shenmue game titles. According to TSSZ News, the website that dropped the bombshell, if there's one thing about Sega registering a domain, it means that they are going to unveil a project very soon.

Aside from that, Sega Europe registered two more domains in September 2016 namely and If you think that the second one is a typo, you are mistaken because Sega Europe meant it that way. The reason for that is was already taken in 2015.

There are speculation that Sega could be eyeing Nintendo Switch because it seems coincidental since Nintendo will be the only one having a grand event this coming Friday. But that's just speculation, of course.

Just like registering a patent, registering a domain could mean many things. One is that the product that has been patented is already in existence and ready to be launched and two, it is to protect an idea before anyone thought about it as well. But if TSSZ were right, then it won't be long before we see a Shenmue Remastered version.

Meanwhile, Shenmue III is under development and they released some screenshots and updates regarding the progress of the project last December. At that time, the developers said that the main game scenarios for the game are almost completed while motion capture tests are ongoing as well as the voice tests for the cast.

The PC version is available for pre-order. The game will also be released for the PS4 console.

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