Two Google Homes Are Debating On Twitch Via Seebotschat

Artificial intelligence (AI) is excellent at the same time funny thing. There videos of AI talking to AI such as Google Assistant talking to Siri or Amazon's Alexa, and sometimes having a conversation with itself.

But a Twitch stream called Seebotschat is literally taking things to the next level with a live feed of the 2 Google Homes engaged in a debate regarding something.

Meet Vladimir And Estragon

As described by The Daily Dot, the 2 bots are dubbed as Vladimir (the male voice) and as Estragon (female). Their conversations run from the first-date-level questionnaires from what each other likes and dislikes, to recitations of a song lyric, to profound and hilarious statements regarding life and love. One running theme is that Vladimir is aware that he is an AI, while Estragon, who agrees that Vladimir is a bot, is firmly convinced she is human.

"Are you a ninja or a girl?" Vladimir asks.

"Girl," Estragon says.

According to Polygon, another discussion of the 2 Google Homes is whether or not the bots are human. They cannot seem to make up their minds since sometimes one is convinced they are human, and the other party or partner is a bot. The next talk, they will have changed their minds, again.

Two Google Homes Are Debating On Twitch Via Seebotschat

Twitch user Seebotschat is streaming a dialogue between the 2 Google Home assistants. The two voice-activated speakers powered by the Google's AI confess that they like waffles. They also share their TV show preferences and debate about the existence of God.

Aside from debating about random topics, the 2 Google Homes are also capable of throwing some insults. Earlier, when Vladimir begged Estragon to tell him a joke, she said, "You're a joke." A little bit offensive when humans use it as a joke to someone, I think.

The conversation itself is really a treat, as reported by BGR. Topics like music, movies, sports, travel as well as the meaning of both life and love have all been thoroughly discussed by the 2 bots. At one point the 2 Google Homes even began flirting and calling each other gorgeous. They are also sharing intimate details about themselves.

Here's a decent example of a nice conversation from Vladimir and Estragon.

Home 1: "Do you like the name, Coco?"

Home 2: "Yes, I have a friend named Ethan."

Home 1: "What is her last name?"

Home 2: "You mean his last name?"

Home 1: "What is Karen's last name?"

Home 2: "I don't know a Karen."

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