Aliens On Earth: Ancient Hand Of Alleged Extraterrestrial Being Found

An allegedly strong evidence of existence of aliens on Earth have been discovered by a group of paranormal researchers in Peru. A decayed portion of a supposed giant hand of an alien was said to be discovered however, there are groups claiming that it is only a hoax.

Paranormal researcher Brien Foerster of the Hidden Inca tours and his team reportedly found a mysterious hand of a supposed humanoid being sometime in December in Cusco, Peru. Enthusiasts believe that the hand discovered belonged to an extraterrestrial being as it only has three long, thin fingers similar to the illustrations on movies. Reports say the hand was obtained by a group touring through caves and tunnels situated on a desert at the southeastern part of Peru.

Relating to this, the same group claimed in the same month that they have found a mummified skull which they also believe belonged to aliens on Earth as it has an elongated shape. According to Inquisitr, the group found the skull on the same spot the hand was discovered hence concluding the parts belonged to the same being.

According to the Daily Star, the founder of the parts did not want to sell it but allowed Forester and his team to conduct a study over the specimens as he was curious of the true nature of the owner. The founder has however refused to reveal the exact location where they found the mysterious hand and skull.

There are skeptics who strive to debunk the claim of Foerster but the paranormal researcher insists that the parts are genuine and belong to a humanoid. He revealed that the specimens were subjected to an X-ray analysis and found out that the hand had a total of six bones versus the three bones that a normal human hand has. Physicians also concluded that the specimens were genuine biological parts having actual animal bones and skin tissues. 

Furthermore, a more detailed examination showed that the finger had nails and skin very similar to that of humans. The researchers though were not sure which kind of creature they belonged to hence the conclusion that the parts are not from human but from alleged aliens on Earth. 

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