Breast Cancer Risk Increased By Grilled, Barbecued And Smoked Meat

Informative news on how to lessen breast cancer risk has once again revealed during a study. The new discovery shows that consuming large quantities of meat that are grilled, barbecued or smoked may increase the risk of acquiring breast cancer and cause of mortality for survivors.

Previous study shows that meat prepared by grilling or pan frying in high temperatures increases the risk of some cancers including breast cancer. National Cancer Institute (NCI) explains that the process can lead to the production of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines that creates changes in the DNA causing an increase in cancer risk.

For this year, an estimate of 252,710 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and around 40,000 will die of it. The American Cancer Society declares more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S. and a new study will give these people tips to beat the big C.

As per Medical News Today, a study conducted among 1, 508 women who received a diagnosis of first primary invasive or in situ breast cancer in 1996 and 1997 was performed. They were asked details about their meat consumption that fell under grilled, barbecued and smoked meats in each decade of life. After five years, they were again asked the same question but with a time frame of the last 5 years.

The Sun speaks of the results and it showed that women who admitted to having a high intake of those meat had a 23 percent specific breast cancer risk and 17 percent of all-cause mortality. It also stated that women who had a large intake of those meat prior and post breast cancer diagnosis is 31 percent more likely to die sooner than those that had less intake.

Humberto Parada led the study on the connection of grilled, barbecued and smoked meat to breast cancer risk and mortality. The study's results support the long-time theory and hypothesis that high or large amounts of meat prepared in the methods mentioned earlier increased the chances of suffering from breast cancer or dying because of it.

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