Pictures From Outer Space: Photos Taken From Mars Feature Australia And The Moon

NASA has recently released new picture from the outer space where an image of the Earth and the moon reportedly captured from Mars. Apart from the position of the moon and the Earth, the photo revealed that the continent of Australia was visible from Mars which is approximately 128.1 miles away.

NASA released a new image captured from the third planet where Australia was reportedly most visible. The agency said that the reddish feature somewhere near the middle of the Earth is actually Australia. Furthermore, vegetation appeared from the reddish region in the image which according to Mail Online was taken from three wavelength bands: infrared, red and blue-green but appear as red, green, and blue respectively.

From the new pictures from outer space, NASA also revealed that the South-East Asia appeared in a reddish form somewhere at the top of the Earth. Meanwhile, Antarctica was also seen and it appeared as a "bright blob" area at the lower-left of the Earth. Other bright images seen in the image were reportedly the clouds.

According to RT, the image was captured by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) on Nov. 20, 2016. The HiRISE reportedly was on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter where the image captured combined two separate exposures. "For presentation, the exposures were processed separately to optimize detail visible on both Earth and the moon," NASA told in a statement as cited by the ABC News.

As for the moon, NASA said that the moon appeared to be much darker than the Earth and was brightened significantly by the agency before releasing the photo to the public. NASA also noted that the correct position and size of the Earth and the moon were not reflected on the image but maintained the distance and measurement of the two bodies relative to each other.

Prior this image, the HiRISE already took a photo of the Earth and the moon from the red planet way back in 2007. NASA then said that the west coast outline of the South America was visible at the lower right of the Earth, but the clouds were then the dominant features. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of NASA has been observing Mars through the HiRISE along with five other instruments since 2006 and has been sending pictures from outer space to the agency.

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