First British Man To Become Pregnant Found Sperm Donor On Facebook

Hayden Cross, a former Asda worker, had undergone part of the procedure to become a man.  But he really wanted to have babies, so he decided to pause his gender reassignment process so he could give birth.

Cross Will Complete His Transition After He Gives Birth

The 20-year-old is now four months pregnant, Daily Mail reported.  He found a sperm donor on Facebook and is the first ever man who was born a female to get pregnant in Britain.  "I want the baby to have the best. I'll be the greatest dad," Cross said.

Cross said he will complete his transition for removing his breasts and ovaries after he gives birth.  He was previously told that he won't be able to to freeze his eggs during his hormonal gender transitioning. 

He Got Declined By The NHS, So He Turned To Social Media

According to Independent, Cross has been living legally as a man for three years.  He applied to have his eggs frozen on the National Health Service (NHS), but the £4,000 process was refused, so he turned to social media instead.  "I looked on Facebook for a group and found one - it's been shut down now. I didn't have to pay," he told The Sun. 

In The UK, Cross is the first man to reveal publicly that he is expecting a child.  In 2012, a man in his thirties - who was also born a female - was reported to be Britain's first male mother.

The unidentified man is said to have given birth in 2011 after having hormone treatment to reactivate his womb.  Joanna Darrell, of the Beaumont Society transgender support group, said it had been contacted by the man for advice about pregnancy.  The baby is thought to have been delivered by caesarean.

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