Pollution In The Arctic Threatens Health Condition Of Polar Bears; Will They Soon Become Extinct?

Another kind of animals is now in fear of being extinct due to pollution and climate changes that have happened in the planet. Polar bears in the Arctic have been greatly affected by pollutants, which could easily lead to their extinction if the problem cannot be addressed and acted upon.

Pollutants To Save Ecosystem Greatly Affects Polar Bears In The Arctic Negatively

According to reports, it has recently been published in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry stating that the risk of toxic pollutants in the Arctic may not greatly affect the seals but it will highly affect the polar bears, especially the cubs. It was stated in the journal that the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) are chemicals that can greatly affect many over a long period of time, even humans. They are a risk to all living organisms, however recorded higher on polar areas. Thus, this could greatly affect the existence of polar bears in the Arctic if they continue to inhale such pollutants into their bodies.

It has also been stated, according to one of the lead authors of the journal, that the pollutants were made to reduce the risk in ecosystems, however has affected other organisms as well. Thus, it is essential to continuously device new contaminants to the pollutants and try to lessen their effect on others. Even though it was originally built to help the environment, it could still ruin it as a whole if it is to be a factor in the extinction of some of the wildlife animals in the planet.

Emerging Contaminants In Pollutants To Be Studied More Carefully As It Affects Other Organisms

Its serious effect to the greater and global environment as a whole has already been taken into context, thus it has been observed that the emerging contaminants are the ones to be highly studied. This is led by changes in the mixture's composition which has then become alarming to the scientists. No matter the devices to be implemented to save the environment, its entirety as a whole in the world should always be taken into consideration. This is to avoid any more animals from being at the brink of extinction.

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