'Red Nova' Collision Of Stars Expected By Astronomers To Light Up The Night Sky In 2022

Astronomers have predicted one of the biggest events in space that is about to happen in a couple of years, with stars colliding into one another. This is otherwise known as the Red Nova, and there is more to it than what most people know.

By Year 2022: Two Stars Will Collide Making It The Brightest Object In The Sky

It has been predicted by the Astronomers of today that in year 2022, two stars will collide into each other that will create a massive energy into the universe. Thus, the energy will be so great that it will cause the once invisible stars, increase their brightness by a factor of 10,000. This could get the star to be visible into the galaxy. This explosion is so massive; it will be seen by the people with their naked eye, making it the brightest object in the entire sky in real time.

The prediction was made during the American Astronomical Society that was held in Grapevine, Texas. This was predicted by astronomer Larry Molnar, and if right, will make him the first ever astronomer to predict a collision of stars in the sky. When asked about the cause of the collision, he stated that it is never really explained in the world of science as to what causes two stars to merge into one. It's one of the many things that even science cannot explain.

Collision Of Stars Are Known As "Red Novas" And Molnar Is Confident With The Prediction

These collisions of stars are widely known as "red novas," named after their characteristic color. Astronomers have been wanting to be able to predict such collisions, such as Molnar is doing right now. He is confident that this will occur, devoting all his time and resources to the project for the next couple of years until it finally happens. Still, at the end of it all, it is still a prediction and couldn't be known for sure unless it finally happens.

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