Mafia 3 Gets A 'Stealth' PS4 Pro Upgrade

Mafia 3 fans might not have heard about it because the game developers did not really make a big deal out of it but it has received a PS4 Pro upgrade on its resolution. But what does it really bring to the game? How much difference, if there really is a difference?

The upgrade in question was that from the native 1080p base of the game is now 1440p, which is noticeable for those who are playing Mafia 3 on ultra HD display with a 4K output. Although the image quality is not that impressive and still far behind 4K, it's a good leap from the standard PS4.

When you switch to some of Mafia 3's pre-rendered cut-scenes, you will notice the difference in quality because they remained the same in the cut-scenes. On the other hand, if you are a PS4 Pro user with a 1080p display, you'll be able to notice the benefit of super-sampling.

In terms of visual improvements, Mafia 3 has only two minor ones - shadow quality and motion blur. Shadow quality is, not surprisingly, limited to spotlight shadows only. On the other hand, the motion blur improvement provided a much cleaner and smoother look. Generally speaking, though, the graphical images of the game are basically the same.

Performance-wise, the uneven frame pacing which was seen during the launch of the PS4 is now fixed. Instead, they replaced it with a 30fps cap using adaptive v-sync, which eliminated the tearing which happened when performance decreases. However, there still some kind of depressed performance in Mafia 3' most taxing areas.

Although the changes in Mafia 3 is not really as significant as you expect it to be, the upgrade was decent enough. With this in mind, we can say that the devs were right all along when they did not announce the new upgrade.

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