Resident Evil 7 Update: The 7 Scariest Elements of the Game

Resident Evil 7 might look very different from its predecessors but the element of fear is definitely there. Before its much-awaited release, here's seven reasons why Resident Evil 7 is scary enough to wet your pants.

Jack Baker

Jack Baker is not a monster compared to the zombies in previous Resident Evil games, is he? This hillbilly might not have taken any of those monstrous forms but he is scarier than the undead. First of all, his temper is bad enough to scare your wits out. Second, he has this extraordinary strength which allowed him to punch through walls. Third, he is a bullet sponge meaning even if you use a lot of bullets, you will have a hard time killing him. The best way, therefore, is avoid being seen by him.

Marguerite Baker

Marguerite is Jack's wife who is as equally scary than him. Like her husband, she has a very mean temper. She might not be as strong as Jack but her swarm of predatory insect is as lethal as Jack's axe.

Aunt Rhody

Aunt Rhody is paralyzed and confined to the wheelchair. At first look, she does not look frightening. However, she springs up in the most unlikely places where you most least expect her. It keeps you wondering who the hell mover her there or how she managed to get there at all. Her mystery will probably be solved as the game progresses.


These are the unhuman monsters of the game. Their appearance is already frightening enough to scare you. They are tall and lanky creatures without a face but full of fangs. Just like Jack Baker, the Molded are also bullet sponges taking you a lot of shots before you can kill them.

The Mansion

If the residents of the house can't scare you, the mansion, which is the setting of the game, will get into your psyche. The house architecture is modeled after those southern plantation mansions - big and full of rooms. Inside the house, you'll find a lot of dark corners with a lot of them filled with clues and relics of torture, pain, and gore. You have to venture each room carefully because you'll never know what lies behind every door.

Ethan Winters

Ethan Winters is the protagonist of the story. Unlike the previous protagonists who are specially trained S.T.A.R.S agents, Winters is a civilian without or little knowledge of combat, much more on handling guns. You can see that inexperience on his aim. Knowing that fact is already scary because you have no idea whether you can survive or not.

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