Jet White iPhone Color Variant Is A Mere Rumor

The rumor that Apple is planning to release a jet white iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has already been mentioned many times online. However, this has never exactly been backed up by the company itself. Nevertheless, reports just keep coming out about it thus fueling the fire even more. However, as per a recent report, it looks like Apple may not be planning to unveil a jet white iPhone after all.

Apple Rumors About Jet White iPhone

A couple of months ago, there was news saying that Apple will be releasing an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7 Plus in jet white variant. A tipster named Sonny Dickson even fueled this rumor by showing fans a concept of the jet white iPhone 7 series, as per Phone Arena. Now, fans are once again hyped up by the sight of a jet white iPhone, and right now, the "leak" is from Apple itself. Apparently, the company has posted a photo on Instagram showing off the Studio Wireless Beats by Dre headphone alongside what seems to be a jet white iPhone.

Jet White iPhone Rumor Debunked

The Instagram photo posted by Apple may look like it has a legit jet white iPhone, especially as it has been positioned around contrasting colors. However, as it turns out, the iPhone color in question may have just been a product of an Instagram filter. Apple Insider has put the said image on some tests and it shows that the iPhone in the said photo may have actually been silver in color and the app filter just made it look as if it were jet white. Nevertheless, it's undeniable how much of a hype this "mini accident" made by Apple has led to.

So as amazing as the jet white iPhone 7 and 7 Plus may be, fans might need to wait for a new iPhone model to make this possible. Although Apple hasn't really promised to release this color variant, this isn't exactly impossible. The demand for the jet black model has been quite good so there's no reason why the jet white model won't be considered by the company.

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