Mafia 3 News, Update: New Patch 1.05 For PS4 Pro Provides Gameplay Improvements

PS4 Pro users are excited when the next update for Mafia 3 will be live. 2K said that the update will improve the resolution of the game. Hopefully, the upcoming patch will resolve the problems with graphics and frame rates.

What Will Be Included In The Upcoming Patch For Mafia 3?

Players using PS4 Pro are waiting for patch 1.05 for Mafia 3. According to Game Zone, the patch will improve the resolution of the game. If players are using a monitor with 4K resolution, 2K has made sure that the update will maximize the feature.

One of the changes in Mafia 3 is the 1440p resolution. Before, the players have been experiencing blurred graphics and shadow quality that sometimes are pixelized. The good thing about the patch is that the blurriness and pixelation have been improved.

Mafia 3 has issues with regarding the frame rate before. Players have been commenting that frames are stuttering but it is very common with almost all of the video games created. 2K has included the bug fix in the patch 1.05..

2K Is Planning To Add New Content In Mafia 3

Since patch 1.05 is only for PS4 Pro users, those players who have season pass of Mafia 3 can access the upcoming contents. 2K has announced it on its official Twitter account. The contents will be called Faster, Baby!, Stones Unturned and Sign of Times.

All of the upcoming contents in Mafia 3 will be released this year. The players just have to wait for any announcements of 2K if the first DLC for this year will be available anytime soon. Hopefully, the soon-to-be released DLC will make the game even more exciting.

Mafia 3 fans are happy with what 2K is doing with the game. The players even love how the developer created the story of the game. They also love the holiday DLC of the game that provided car customization that made it even more enjoyable.

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