Hearthstone News: Card Changes Will Be Improved, What Can Players Expect?

Hearthstone standard and basic cards will be updated. Blizzard said that it is time for the team to finally be tweaked because the standard cards have the same power since the game started last 2014. The cards will be more powerful explained by the developer.

Hearthstone standard cards will be nerfed said by Ben Brode, lead developer of the game. According to Segment Next, Blizzard decided to not upgrade the original cards because some, such as Druid, have been dependent with them.

The players said that Blizzard's decision by not upgrading the classic set of cards in Hearthstone has changed the game's balance. But for Brode, the company's decision not to improve the cards is because it wanted the players to understand how the game really works even if new cards were added.

As per iDigital Times, basic and standard card sets in Hearthstone are the most powerful cards in the game. Brode said that before, the company nerfed 12 classic cards to make the game harder but Blizzard noticed that the game became boring.

Also, Brode explained that since standard cards are the strongest in the deck, they decided to focus in upgrading every new cards added in Hearthstone. The developer aims to keep on releasing new cards that are strong enough to defeat the basic cards.

Original cards like Innervate and Wild Growth have been beneficial to some of the new cards in Hearthstone. Brode even explained that Blizzard is not used to making drastic changes in any game before. But right now, the developer wants to make sure that the classic cards will not be forgotten.

Blizzard might be upgrading original cards like Ragnaros or Azure Drake and The Firelord in Hearthstone because the developer wants to see how it will affect the game. Hopefully, the developer will stick with its decision in nerfing basic cards.

Hearthstone fans might be happy or not with Blizzard's decision in tweaking original cards in the deck. The only question is how will the nerfing affect the game? The players will be the one to decide if the upcoming changes are beneficial or not.

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