More Details Revealed On Norman Reedus' Role In Death Stranding

Aside from the fact that it is being worked on by one of the biggest names in video gaming, Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding's one major draw is the presence of multiple celebrities like "Rogue One's" Mads Mikkelsen and "The Walking Dead's" Norman Reedus. Though Reedus is probably best known by his fans as a gruff and tough action hero, Kojima says that this game will show fans a different side to Reedus.

Kojima On Reedus

In an interview with Sugoi Japan, Kojima talks about Reedus being a more sensitive figure than he is on "The Walking Dead." He says, "I wanted to show a different side of Norman than we're used to seeing, by having him in tears and hugging an infant... Most people only know him as Daryl from 'The Walking Dead'. However, this time, Norman... is butt naked! [laughs]."

In the interview, Kojima says that he was able to meet Reedus through director Guillermo del Toro who spotted Reedus' potential from the beginning. Del Toro himself is working on the game, and his likeness also appeared on one of the characters that was in the second trailer for Death Stranding.

On Mads Mikkelsen

Kojima also took the time to comment on Reedus' co-actor Mads Mikkelsen and how much of a fan he is of his movies. "I'm absolutely in love with Mads, to the point where I watch one of his films every day," said Kojima. He also said that he was able to notice Mikkelsen with his older works like "Casino Royale" (2006) and "Valhalla Rising" (2009).

Not much has been revealed on the plot of Death Stranding, but it has been reported that the playable character will have the likeness of Reedus while the main antagonist will be based on Mikkelsen. Kojima has been noted to be very skilled in mixing elements of cinema with gaming, so a lot of longtime fans of his are eagerly waiting for the release of his first independent game, Death Stranding.

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