Is Evolution Hoax? 800-Million-Year-Old Woman Found In Russia

A discovery in Russia is causing doubts to Charles Darwin's theory. Scientists claimed that a woman which was found in a marble in a small village in Russia was buried at least 800 million years ago, pushing evolution hoax claims.  

The body was discovered in 1969 in the village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago in the Kemerovo. A documentary suggests the an intricately crafted marble coffin was discovered in a local coal mine, at least 70 meters below the ground by local miners.

Witness stories suggest that the miners brought the coffin above the ground and found the body of a beautiful woman, aged approximately 30 years old.  It embalmed in unidentified pink and blue liquid. It has large blue eyes which was eerily open and is dressed in knee-length sheer white dress. The miners noted that the woman appears like she was only sleeping. However, the corpse blackened immediately when the liquid was removed.

A professor from Novosibirsk who had been tasked of investigating the body and his findings led to possible evidences of theory of evolution hoax. The professor said the body was at least 800 million years old and was older than the coal that was formed around the coffin, cited

Another bizarre thing about the discovery was the dress, researchers could not identify when it was made as the nature fabric could not be subjected to scientific analysis. They added the technology used to create the dress could not be identified. It is also impossible to completely identify the pink-blue liquid but it has traces of onion and garlic.

Authorities ordered a hush order on the discovery. A helicopter was sent to retrieve the coffin and the site was quarantined. The witnesses were temporarily isolated. Life Coach Code also reports that police authorities were dispatched to silence the witnesses and the site of discovery was filled up. Countering the evolution hoax claims, speculations that the body was an alien arise but the genetic analysis reveals it was similar to human.

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