New Female Characters Coming To Marvel Future Fight

Though DC has been dominating the comic video game scene with titles like Arkham Asylum and Injustice: Gods Among Us, Marvel still has a pretty solid game for mobile players called Marvel Future Fight. News has it that new female characters are coming to the game, and the devs in Netmarble have hinted at who players can expect.


According to the Bitbag, the developers have hinted at the characters by posting different images of their mascot Keke wearing a different part of a character's costume. The first image released had Keke wearing a belt with an "M" logo on it, and it was guessed that this was a tease for the Inhuman character Medusa. Medusa is said to have been requested by fans for a while, and she is known to be the love interest of the leader of the Inhumans, Black Bolt.

Lady Hawkeye

The next character guess is more of a stretch, but it's possible that the developers are teasing Kate Bishop a.k.a. Lady Hawkeye. The teaser had Keke wearing some sunglasses, and it was also hinted that the character has a background in private investigation. Then again, what if the character that was being teased was actually Jessica Jones?

Moon Girl

Another character teased was hinted by the developers to be able to perform time travel, and an image of Keke wearing a watch was teased. This could be an allusion to Lunella Lafayette. Though she isn't as popular as some of the other heroes, she has been referred to as a genius in the comics, and has been able to warp herself into the prehistoric times.

With gamers this year excited for DC's release of Injustice 2, audiences can't help but appreciate how Marvel mobile games are trying to expand their roster with less popular heroes. Let's hope more characters will be added to the roster this year. Some have requested for characters like Rescue (Pepper Potts), Nadia Pym and Miss America.

Marvel Future Fight is currently available for Android and iOS.

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