Apple's iPhone 8 And Samsung S8 Might Use SK Hynix Ultrafast 8 GB RAM

With 6GB RAM smartphones widely available in the market, it looks like this year is going to be the time where we will see 8GB RAM devices become a more common sight. Latest leaks suggest that Samsung's Galaxy S8 could be the first ever Android device to sport this much RAM and it could also come with an internal memory running at a much faster pace. Well, That being said revealed a new 8GB RAM module which is designed for mobile, and this has led to speculation that the company's RAM module could be finding its way into the Galaxy S8 and as well as Apple's iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 And Samsung 8 Rumored To Use UltraFast Internal Memory And Ram

We should take note that SK Hynix is Samsung's main rival in Korea as far as memory making components are concerned.  It would be surprising if Samsung will collaborate with its major competitor. Moreover, SK Hynix is believed to have produced memory components for companies such as Apple, though we doubt that the iPhone 8 will come along with 8GB of RAM. In that case, SK Hynix's technology involving in two 8 Gigabit pieces connected in a dual-channel config, that is then stacked in four layers. According to the sources, the company claims that this new design will result in the component taking up to 30% less space than present LPDDR4 mobile chips, and is 20% more efficient.

iPhone 8 And Samsung 8 Rumored To Launch This Coming March

The company also tipped that their RAM modules may find their way into 2017's high-end smartphones, however, they didn't mention any company by name. Also, a Korean source stated that the chip may be destined for both Apple and Samsung's 2017 flagships. The SK Hynix's new memory chip is set to be used in Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Apple's iPhone 8, which are predicted to be released in April and September, respectively, this 2017.


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