DJI Mavic Pro Shipment Update 2017: All Orders Covered?

DJI Mavic Pro has been one controversial drone is 2016. It was talked about a lot of times not only for its amazing features but also for the fact that the demand for this drone seems to outnumber its supply. This may sound like a good thing, at least for DJI and for the fanatic spectators. However, for people who ordered the drone and aren't able to get them on time, 'frustrating' is an understatement.

DJI Mavic Pro Shipment Overview

DJI may have initially encountered an issue in shipping all pre-ordered drones but the company should also be given credit for eventually owning up to the mistakes and genuinely explained themselves to their buyers. DJI has then promised to try to ship all Mavic Pro orders made before the third of November not later than December. With a promise as specific as that, the question right now is whether or not the company was able to fulfill that promise.

DJI Mavic Pro Shipment ETA Now Dropped To Ten Days

As soon as the controversy regarding DJI's inability to ship the Mavic Pro started, shipment
ETAs of the said drone were pushed back to up to eight weeks from order confirmation. This has been applied not only by DJI but also by all third-party retailers. This was understandable and the drone was still praised for all its greatness. Needless to say, this stretched-out shipping schedule also ended when the holiday rush ended. Now, if you buy the Mavic Pro from DJI's site, you'll see that the drone is now listed with an estimated shipping time of seven to ten business days.

DJI Mavic Pro Past Orders' Status

Right now, there are still a few people who are taking to online communities to question whether or not their Mavic Pros (that were ordered before DJI changed the drone's shipping ETA) are actually getting shipped to them within that same new time frame. This means that there are still people from the past batch of customers who still haven't received their drones. While it would be undeniably unfair if new orders were to be fulfilled within ten days and the past orders are still pending, it may still be difficult to judge DJI right now. The change of the Mavic Pro's shipment schedule was just posted recently so it's still right to give the company a chance to clear all past orders before the said ten-day window completes. Hopefully, DJI is able to prioritize its past buyers and be able to redeem itself from the shipment controversy. If not, they do have some explaining to do for their consumers.

Are you one of the people who ordered the DJI Mavic Pro months back? Share your order status in the comments section below.

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