Skyrim Remastered Is The Last In The Elder Scrolls Franchise

The release of Skyrim Remastered was a hit. Contrary to what most analysts expected, the remaster actually made a good impression. Players from all over the world went to purchase and enjoy the game. And yes, this despite the drama involving the mods (PS4). While this is something that calls for a celebration, the community is still looking for another shot at the Elder Scrolls series. Will Bethesda actually resort to release TE6? Or this one here should be buried six feet under?

In an interview with Xbox: The Official Magazine (posted by GamesRadar), the studio's very Pete Hines shared his two cents on what Skyrim Remastered is to the series. He also mentioned about the specific driving force that led the company to deliver the title as well as the Dishonored's Definitive Edition. Moreover, he shed some light on the true status of developing yet another Elder Scrolls installment.

Hines iterated that Skyrim Remastered and Dishonored are of two different cases. The latter was simpler, as it's basically just a new IP specifically for the latest generations of gaming consoles. So, in a sense, remastering it isn't a hard one to do. But for Skyrim, it worked differently. The studio has to exert more effort, similar to how they did things back in the days of pre-Fallout 4.

Developing Skyrim Remastered was bit more challenging. The devs have to literally find a way to have it run efficiently on today's generation of consoles. This is, obviously, for the reason of seeing how it really works, so on and so forth. Hines even pointed out that developing mods for the game's console version was "a pretty cool idea."

While there's every reason to buy and enjoy Skyrim Remastered, there's another thing to keep in mind. Will Bethesda resort to developing another the Elder Scrolls title? Will The Elder Scrolls 6 finally be developed and released?

For Hines, it's a piece of work. First, such requires a good amount of time. It requires both "effort and manpower" from the development team. And of course, resources are to be considered. He explained that their approach has always been about making new stuff instead of doing things that they've already did. That it's actually a better idea to develop something new.

What are your thoughts on Skyrim Remastered? Are you satisfied with the game? How about the thought of having no The Elder Scrolls 6 in the future? Be sure to share to us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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