After Apple, Super Mario Is Teaming Up With McDonald's This Time, But...

After teaming up with Apple to take the mobile industry, Nintendo is teaming up with McDonald's to bring joy to both kids and adults through their Happy Meals. This is not the first time that Nintendo and McDonald's collaborated. However, a recent leak of the new set of Happy Meal Mario toys have fans wondering what on earth is happening.

Apparently, there is a leak regarding the new toys that McDonald's UK is supposed to launch in collaboration with our favorite plumber. This move, of course, is a good marketing strategy since Mario and his colleagues have a good relationship with kids all over the world with his friendly and brave manner as he saves Princess Peach.

Aside from Mario, other characters that will be included in the McDonald's Happy Meal in the UK are Luigi, Princess Peach, and King Koopa. Each of them is depicted in various ways which are familiar with every Super Mario fan. For example, Princess Peach is standing on a grass field while waving to the crowd, Luigi appears to be coming out of a pipe, and King Koopa looks as formidable as ever. However, when it comes to Mario, everyone was scratching their heads because it appears like he is sitting on a toilet bowl - a brown wooden toilet bowl at that.

Many of those who saw the picture tweeted by one fan, were wondering what the connection is between that odd-looking seat and Mario. Despite its weirdness, a lot of people predict that it will be the most popular toy in that batch. Moreover, Mario fans are hoping that McDonald's will bring the same promotional blitz overseas to give other Mario fans across the world a chance to collect these toys as well.

Meanwhile, fans might see Super Mario and friends on Switch soon as there are rumors regarding this. That remains to be seen until the launch of Nintendo Switch in March.

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