To Phablet, Or Not To Phablet: That Is The Question

There was a time when people didn't really have to think about the size of their mobile phones being too big, but once smartphones began to take off it was clear that size matters. Apple can really be credited with what is now the standard smartphone design, an all touchscreen slab of glass. The display is front and center and is how we interact with our smartphones; the size of the display is now a killer feature that all the biggest players are scrambling to figure out.

Steve Jobs told us that, "no one is going to buy a big phone" when speaking about the iPhone 4 and comparing its 3.5-inch screen to upcoming Android smartphones at the time with 4-inch screens. Apple would realize consumers wanted smartphones with larger displays and would go on to release the iPhone 5 with a 4-inch display. There are now rumors that Apple will be entering the phablet world. I never thought I'd be a "phablet person", but when Apple comes out with a phablet I am in.

I've been testing out the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and I have to admit that my thoughts about the whole phablet idea are beginning to change. I thought that having a 5.5-inch display was going to be too big to comfortably use as a smartphone. That's when I began to realize that for many people, including myself, "phone functionality" in a smartphone has taken a backseat to apps, games, movies, and more. I bet you use your smartphone for much more than its phone capabilities, having a large screen on a smartphone makes the experience even better. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been my device of choice to carry around for the last couple of days, at home and while out and about.

I love having all of my favorite apps, email, browsing, and more on a 5.5-inch screen. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 blurs the lines between smartphone and tablet in a way that makes sense. It feels comfortable to hold in one hand and the display is the perfect size for a mini tablet. I even pick it up over my iPad mini around the house because it offers a display and form factor that are bigger than a smartphone but smaller than a tablet. As Goldilocks would say, "it's just right." Having used a phablet like the Galaxy Note 2, my iPhone 5 with what Apple considers a large display feels tiny.

Phablets are so much more than big smartphones; they offer a comfortable small tablet feel with the added benefits of phone functionality and 4G LTE networks. People love to consolidate devices; smartphones and small tablets better watch their backs. Phablets make sense to me now, and I say "to phablet." What do you say? Let us know in the comments.

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