Galaxy Note 8 Exclusive Apps, Exclusive No More: Install On Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, And More (Video)

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8 it also included two exclusive applications for the tablet that take advantage of the S Pen. Those apps are the popular social newsreading app, Flipboard and a popular iOS note taking app, Awesome Note, which was supposed to be a one-year exclusive on the Galaxy Note 8. You can now download both applications, and if you own a Galaxy Note or Galaxy Note 2 you'll be able to take advantage of the S Pen-specific features of both apps.

Droid-Life posted a tip that the two exclusive applications from the Galaxy Note 8 have been pulled and posted for all to download. Flipboard, we can confirm, works perfectly on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. All of the Air View features shown off on the Galaxy Note 8 work perfectly. Holding the S Pen over stories in Flipboard provides a pop-up preview of the article, it saves you a tap and a back button, and is a nice feature to have. It also shows how much committment to the development and enhancement of the S Pen Samsung is showing, to enable features like these through a software update makes the S Pen much more than a simple stylus.

Awesome Note is a popular iOS note taking/planner application that will be released as a paid application in the Google Play Store, but for now it was going be a "one-year exclusive" app bundled with the Galaxy Note 8, until now. The application installed without an issue on a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running Android 4.1.1. The app is a nice all in one planner that takes advantage of the Galaxy Note 2's screen size and S Pen.

Some users have reported that the applications both run fine on Android smartphones like the Nexus 4, but Awesome Note's UI appears a little too small for some. You also don't need to be rooted in order to install these applications. To get the Galaxy Note 8 version of Flipboard click here, and to get Awesome Note click here.

Check out a video preview of Awesome Note in action on the Galaxy Note 8 at around 3:11 into the video.

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