Skyrim Special Edition News, Update: New Patch Is Live, Here's What We Know

Skyrim Special Edition has been updated by Bethesda. The gamers playing the game in PC and PS4 can already see the patch's effects such as bug fixes for both platforms and new mods for the latter. Xbox One users have to wait for Bethesda's announcements for the release of the patch.

Bug Fixes On Skyrim Special Edition

According to Game Rant, patch 1.3 will focus on bug fixes in Skyrim Special Edition. The first fix will be for PC monitors that will support 144hz displays. Next, the players can see improvements on the stability of the game and performance.

Slow time effects in Skyrim Special Edition will be fixed since the effect were always interrupted. Since the players are having a hard time connecting to, the developer made sure that the players can log-in without any problems.

Bethesda released patch 1.3 because the developer is not planning to release any new games as of the moment. The players need to settle with the Skyrim Special Edition for now because the game will be even better.

Skyrim Special Edition's Patch 1.3 Brings New PS4 Mods

Technically, there are over 1,600 mods for PS4 version of Skyrim Special Edition. As per PlayStation Lifestyle, players have their favorites already. First mod is Bridges of Skyrim. This mod willl replace vinilla stone bridges with customized one.

The Phenderix Magic World mod in Skyrim Special Edition brought new role-playing options for the players. Alidon's Ultimate Memory mod will bring unique spells, armors, weapons and enhancements. The last mod that is called Auriel's Weaponry will be the Bow and the Shield of the Sun of God.

Players were overjoyed with Skyrim Special Edition's latest update. However, Xbox One users are not happy with the delayed release of patch 1.3 for their platforms. Hopefully, Bethesda will make the patch available already for Microsoft's console.

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