Super Mario Maker News: Super Mario Land Can Be Recreated In The Game, What Will It Bring?

Super Mario Maker can now download a classic Gameboy game, Super Mario Land. Nintendo wants the 3DS players to enjoy the game even more. Fortunately, a fan has added the classic game in the latest game by Nintendo.

Since a lot of players are requesting for more difficult levels in Super Mario Maker, a fan and YouTuber, KHace has recreated Super Mario Land in the latest game. According to Digital Trends, the classic game made the 3DS game even more interesting.

However, Super Mario Maker lacks several tools that can perfectly create Super Mario Land in the game. But KHace has a few tricks on his sleeves. The YouTuber has made the classic Gameboy game colorful that was originally black and white.

With the help of Super Mario Bros. engine, all the bosses from Super Mario Land has been replaced with Bowser. When it comes to the graphics and design of the classic game, has been redesigned thanks to the NES game.

KHace has successfully remodeled Bombshell Koopas in Super Mario Maker by putting Bob-ombs on top of Koopa Troopas to create the same type of explosion in Super Mario Land. Also, the shooter levels from the classic game were present in the 3DS game.

KHace made sure that the levels from Super Mario Land are changed in order to match with Super Mario Maker's environment. The last thing that the YouTuber said was that the original background song of the Gameboy game is not allowed in the 3DS game.

If the players want to import KHace's recreated Super Mario Land in their Wii U, all they need is to input the codes in Super Mario Maker. The codes will let the players experience the YouTuber's remodeled game to Nintendo's console.

Nintendo did not think that their classic games such as Super Mario Land can be reimagined using Super Mario Maker. The players should be thankful that gamers like KHace wants to share what he has done in order to make the game even better.

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