Apple Might Start Manufacturing Computers In The US Any Time Soon

Framed by the intentions of president-elect Donald Trump to get Apple to manufacture its products in the U.S., the news of the Cupertino company making computers in American ground has been widely surprising for those who saw it as something impossible that this kind of move could actually happen. However, the thing about this decision is that the devices won´t be sold to customers.

Apple Will Make Servers And Data Centers

According to The Verge, although Apple is seriously planning a new initiative to manufacture computers in the U.S., these won´t be iMacs or MacBooks. In fact, these devices will be servers and data centers to be used in its other facilities within the country, which are going to be made in Apple´s existing facility in Mesa, Arizona.

Apparently, Apple´s ´plans were referenced in some documents that reveal that the Cupertino company has applied for approval of designation as a "foreign trade zone." Although the tech giant already has the authority to create the components for consumer electronics within Mesa´s special zone, the new approval would let the company import any part that is needed for data centers without any kind of customs duty payments if it´s ended up being granted.

IS Not Known If Apple Would Make Products For Average Customers

As reported by UberGizmo, this was an expected move from Apple, given the fact that a report last year revealed that the tech giant was slowly moving data center operations in-house as it wanted excel the security of all these products. In fact, Apple´s filing states that the nature of the products is for global data centers that will be supported from the site, instead of end users.

Nevertheless, is not known if the Apple would eventually make a similar move for products that are meant to be sold for regular customers, which is something that the president-elect Donald Trump it would make it happen no matter what, to the point in which he has offered tax cuts if the Cupertino return to the U.S. to manufacture its products.

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