Nvidia CEO Says Nintendo Switch Will Have Nothing To Do With AI

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang talks about the newest hybrid portable console and tablet Nintendo Switch in an interview with Venture Beat. Jen-Hsun says that the gaming console is delightful and will blow people away. He, however, specified that it has nothing to do with artificial intelligence.

From what we're learning about Nvidia, every industry is awakening to AI. It says so on their website, too. In Jen-Hsun's keynote, he mentions that PC Gaming and GeForce, Nvidia's own brand of graphics processing unit are a thriving global business in today's world. He also says that Nvidia's SHIELD, which is aimed to make homes much 'smarter' with hands-free voice control, has always felt like an entertainment computer. Nvidia is also teaming up with widely known automakers like Audi and Mercedes Benz to build artificially intelligent cars. All of that sounds like Nvidia is transforming into an AI company instead. So, it should be mildly shocking that Switch or its delightfulness has nothing to do with AI.

Nvidia is the one powering Nintendo Switch with Tegra, a custom chip for the system using ARM architecture. It's basically the same technology you can find on the chips inside your smartphones and tablets. It may have also upset a few of those who were hoping for a console with power like that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in a portable setup. Switch's GPU even runs at a 768MHz which is already lower than the 1GHz of the Nvidia's Shield Android TV. Switch also downclocks the GPU to 40 per cent of its clock speed at 307.2MHz when used as a portable.

Watch out for a special live stream event by Nintendo on January 12, 2017, where the Switch's details like its release date, launch titles, and specs will be confirmed. It is anticipated that "The Legend of Zelda: breath of the Wild" will be one of the primary games available for the Nintendo console which is due for release in March of 2017.

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