2017 Is the Make-Or-Break Year For Tesla

This 2017 is considered as the make-or-break year for Tesla. Reports say that this will be the year Tesla to reigns supreme or finally flops, after 13 years of existence.

Gigafactory To Make Tesla's Lithium-ion Battery

Three years ago, Tesla Motors announced the company's plan to build the Gigafactory. It is a sprawling lithium-ion battery plant in the parched hills outside Sparks, Nevada. CEO Elon Musk proclaimed that it would be the world’s biggest building, spanning 107 American football fields. It would also produce at least 35 gigawatt-hours of batteries per year which is more than the entire global output of lithium batteries in 2013.

“It has to be big because the world is big,” Musk said last July. According to Spectrum, the Gigafactory in Nevada would make batteries cheaper than ever before. This would, in turn, ramp up electric vehicle sales as well as meaningfully cut petroleum consumption everywhere.

Other automakers rely on pouch-shaped Li-ion battery cells specially designed for EVs, while Tesla powered its first all-electric cars using the same cylindrical “18650” Li-ion battery cells employed in laptop batteries. The said batterie cells are purchased from Panasonic. That strategy was fine so long as Tesla made only high-end EVs such as the Model X and Model S.

Tela's New Car Models For The Masses

CEO Musk’s plan for Tesla is to start selling luxury cars such as the Model S sedan and Model X SUV, as reported by Wired. Then the use of the resulting revenue is to fund the development of a car that everyone can afford—the long-awaited and most anticipated Tesla Model 3.

At a starting price of $35,000, Tesla Model 3 is in the mainstream territory. Selling millions of the aid model is fundamental to Musk’s and company's goal, that is popularizing sustainable transport and slowing the climate change.


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