Inhalable Insulin A New Way To Treat Diabetes

A newly developed inhalable insulin is a new way to treat diabetes. It would be much better for patients to use an inhaler that will replace needles. The process is much simpler in fact Type-1 Diabetic Bradley Saveth uses inhalable insulin to keep his blood sugar under control. It is an immense difference from what he has been doing before.

Saveth said that he probably eight to ten shots of insulin per day and followed up with 12 or so finger sticks. In addition to those finger sticks diabetes patients bring along with them vials of the hormone, vials and needles. They have to inject themselves multiple times a day, especially before meals.

Dr. Anastasios Manessis from the Endocrine Associates of the West Village explains how difficult it is to be a diabetic patient and in addition the hardship is the method on how they intake insulin. But, now there is an easier way to take the fast-acting insulin diabetics need at meal time. It is called Afrezza, it is inhaled.

What made it possible is that a unique combination of molecules that micro-encapsulate the fragile insulin. This protects it until it gets deep into the lungs where it dissolves and released into the bloodstream. It also acts faster so there is an extent of its usage. There is also less risk of too low blood sugar level.

Saveth still injects once or twice a day long acting insulins. However, he uses Afrezza instead of the half dozen or more injections of short acting insulin he used to take every day. He said that this new inhalable insulin had changed his life and that he feels like he is not a diabetic patient anymore.

Afrezza can be used by type-1 and type-2 diabetes patients, but it may not be right for all diabetics. Patients with asthma and other lung problems would not absorb it right and it will cause cough. According to the Health Line, inhalable insulin is also now being tested for use in Artificial Pancreas systems, as an additional component to keep blood glucose levels in check. According to the CBS News, patients prefer this inhalable insulin because they hate needles.

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