'Westworld' Robots In Real Life: Japan Creates Robot With Artificial Muscles

It seems like the science of 'Westworld' is not too far from the current technology. No more giant clamps and metallic appearance -- scientists across the globe are creating robots with human-like structures like 'Wesworld' robots. Japanese engineers created a robot with artificial human skeleton and muscle. Meanwhile, a humanoid robot in China can definitely pass as human on first look.

Researchers from Tokyo Institute of Technology and Okayama University built a robot with an artificial human skeleton overlaid with multifilament artificial muscles. It looks strikingly similar to 'Westworld' robot, Virtruvian man. The muscles are controlled with electical current while the skeleton's legs, arms and head can mimic human movements.

The developers are not quite finished with the robot yet according to Outer Places. It still cannot walk without support as the artificial muscles moves real slow compared to real, biological versions.  This makes it difficult for the robot to balance and carry its weight.

On the other hand, a humanoid robot from China can be mistaken as human in first glance. It can make human facial expressions and can respond to simple conversations. It was presented by researchers from University of Science and Technology of China on Monday, Jan. 9. It was the first humanoid robot from China.

Chen Xiaoping, team leader of the developers from University of Science and Technology of China said this would be the beginning of futuristic bionic robots that can be used in cyborg labour. In ten years, the robot might be seen doing jobs in Chinese restaurants, hospitals or households. "In 5-10 years there will be a lot of applications for robots in China," Chen said according to Phys.org.

It wears a traditional Chinese dress and can respond to basic questions. It can also answer basic inquiries about the weather. The two prototype robots still need a lot of work, but who knows? Maybe a day will come these robots would be advanced enough to threaten the existence of humanity like the 'Westworld' robots.

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