Everything You Have To Know About Pluto’s Gigantic Towers As Discovered By NASA: What Might Have Caused It? Find Out

Long before, a significant number of science boffins believe that the impressive structures of the huge icy skyscrapers had only existed on Earth, until NASA's latest findings have been revealed. NASA's New Horizons space probe for the historic Pluto flyby mission that has been launched in 2015 have recently discovered stunning towers of ice reaching 500 metres into the sky. It was found that this was allegedly the first time in history of mankind that this phenomenon has been found anywhere in the Solar System other than on Earth. Now, a new analysis explains atmospheric process that caused them to form.

Pluto's Gigantic Towers As Discovered By NASA: What Might Have Caused It?

According to reports revealed by Science Alert, it was found that in July of 2015, New Horizons had flown over to Pluto's Tartarus Dorsa region, in which the icy skyscrapers had been discovered. Dubbed as penitentes, it was found that the ridges can allegedly be seen at high altitudes on Earth, taking the shape of towers, or blades as what other experts consider it, of hardened snow or ice, all angled together in the general direction of the Sun.

Furthermore, as NASA researchers would describe it, the icy structures  was apparently having an intricate but puzzling patterns of blue-grey ridges and reddish material in between. In one of their statements reported by Daily Star, study lead researcher John Moores, from York University in Canada, has reportedly got the first evidence of them occurring somewhere other than Earth, while exposing these gigantic towers of what they really are. In the study, it was explained that the icy features which are basically caused by erosion could possibly exist on other planets as well considering that the environmental conditions are similar. Ultimately, Moores said that these explanation presented in the study could also be used to explain the formation of these features on Earth as predicted in the same theory.


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