Birth Control Said To Cause Miscarriage: Definitely A Hoax And Should Not Be Believed In

There have been stories being spread by activists and many politicians, claiming that birth control is used to cause a miscarriage. Thus, people are now putting an end to that myth and proving to the world that there is no way that is even biologically true.

Activists Insist That Using Birth Control Pills Is A Form Of Abortion; Medical Professionals Oppose To Such Statement

This issue got controversial recently after President-elect Donald Trump announced that Kate Talento was going to be his health care policy aide. The latter has been known for her statements against birth control pills, claiming that they are causing miscarriages. Reports have claimed that according to her, "chemical birth control" causes "deliberate miscarriage," although that statement hasn't been further expounded. Nevertheless, she continues to express her thoughts on the matter and insist that prescribing birth control pills is as illegal as performing abortion.

Birth Control Only Prevents Pregnancy From Happening; Not Destroy One

However, different sectors and groups of people continue to insist and retract the statements made by activists such as Talento. According to some reports, doctors have claimed that on medical terms, birth control is nothing like abortion. To some, they may believe it this way due to some personal or religious reasons of their own. It has been continually insisted that taking birth control pills is scientifically different from abortion. The explanation for this is that birth control helps prevent the woman from ovulating thus prevents the egg from being released. If the egg does not meet with the sperm, there is no way a baby could be formed. In other words, birth control is merely prevention and not a kind of abortion.

According to Dr. Krishna Upadhaya who is a pediatrician specializing in adolescent reproductive health, the birth control is also preventing the sperm cell from getting to the egg cell. This prevents the egg to be fertilized and thus an embryo shall no longer be formed. The same thing happens for morning-after pills, wherein it doesn't kill anything already formed inside the body. A medication cannot kill or destroy what isn't there yet to begin with.

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