Apparently, Being Good In Battlefield 1 Is Bad

Of course, almost all Battlefield 1 players want to get good at playing the game. That's why they try their best to learn a few tricks or so, hoping that it'll elevate their gameplay. Apparently, this might be something that they have to be cautious about. That's because being good at playing the title is likely to result to a ban.

Battlefield 1 players are now reporting about these ridiculous bans that other players are getting. That whenever a player is doing too damn good in his gameplay, he is likely to catch the ire of the anti-cheating software. The latter, as pointed out by SegmentNext, is called FairFight. It utilizes an algorithm that points out whether or not players are cheating while playing the game.

There's no doubt that the aforementioned Battlefield 1 system was meant for a good reason. After all, EA DICE want to guarantee a nice and fair gameplay. Unfortunately for the community, it's not working perfectly well. It's suggesting that players who are too good at the game (despite not really cheating) are, well, cheating. As a result, massive bans have happened.

For instance, a Battlefield 1 player by the name of SpartanHoplite reports getting the same ban. Believe it or not, no cheating software or whatsoever was utilized. He was just simply playing magnificently in the game. Sad thing for him, FairFight flagged his skills as cheating. Obviously, this is a huge bust to be very frustrated at.

Based on how the anti-cheating software is working in Battlefield 1, it's safe to say that it needs some serious tweaks. That's because it appears to include those players with extremely high kill counts. Or perhaps shots that are delivered from a very long distance. Currently, EA DICE has yet to release an official statement, shedding some light on the ongoing onslaught.

What are your thoughts on the anti-cheat system of Battlefield 1? Do you believe it's working improperly? Let us know what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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