BlackBerry Z10: Top 5 Tips And Tricks

Canada-based BlackBerry launched its much-awaited BlackBerry Z10 smartphone in January 2013. The BB10-powered Z10 has already sold over 1 million units worldwide and has climbed the popularity charts within a short time.

Here we take a look at the top five handy tips and tricks for the BlackBerry Z10, which will help you get the most out of your smartphone:

1. Click a snap from the lock screen

Your BlackBerry Z10 makes it possible to take photos without even unlocking the phone. All you need to do is hold your finger down on the camera icon for a few seconds and it will open up. You're now ready to click away with impromptu snaps!

2. Speedy typing

BlackBerry phones are synonymous with physical keyboards and even though the all-touch BB Z10 omits this interface, the smartphone is no slouch when it comes to text input.

The on-screen keyboard has several cool features and is fantastic at predicting the next word. While typing, if the word you wish to spell is predicted correctly, then simply swipe upwards on the relevant button and it will be inserted into the message being typed.

Alternately, if you want the suggested words to appear above the keyboard, than directly over it go to Settings > Language > Input > On-Screen Keyboard and then select In-Column in the Text Prediction Display settings.

3. Convert your phone into a USB storage device 

Having a phone that has the means of storing and transferring files is quite handy. You can store and transfer data with your BB Z10 easily, However, to do this, the device needs to be enabled correctly.

Go to Settings > Storage and Access and select the apt USB storage option: pick Windows, Mac or let the phone auto-detect the OS.

4. Delete the whole word while typing

Tapping the delete key several times over to get rid of the word you've misspelled can be quite tedious. However, with the Z10 you have a quicker option at your disposal.

If you're halfway through a word and notice that there is a spelling error, simply swipe left with your finger and voila! the entire word will be deleted.

5. Find your phone if you misplace it 

It often happens that we can't locate our phone, especially when we're about to leave the house. The Z10 has a solution for this, called BlackBerry Protect. Enable this feature on your phone from the System Settings menu and once it's switched on, simply use your PC to track the location of your handset.

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