US Salmon May Have Carried Japanese Tapeworm, Scientist Say

Scientists say that US salmon may have carried Japanese tape worms. If you are fond of eating raw fish or meat, you are at risk of developing parasites. One of these is the tapeworm. A tapeworm is a species of the digestive tract-invading parasites that includes Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense, or the Japanese broad tapeworm.

This worm was commonly known to infect fishes in Asia. But a study that was published on Wednesday says that fish caught it Alaska might have been infected too. Based on these results the researchers warn hat fishes caught along Pacific coast of North America may be infected.

Diphyllobothrium latum is the most common fish tapeworm. In 1986, scientist identified another type which is the Japanese broad tapeworm. It is believed to be responsible for responsible for about 2,000 infections reported to that point. Making it the second most cause of tapeworm infections.

Researchers funded by the by the Czech Science Foundation discovered they'd been wrong, by continuing the study through new molecular methods. Almost all the tapeworm infections in Japan, South Korea and the Pacific coast of Russia had actually been caused by Japanese tapeworms rather than D. latum. The truth is that Japanese tapeworms are also found in the salmon caught off the coasts of eastern Russia and Japan.

According to the Fox 6, the question does the US salmon may have really carried Japanese tapeworm too? On July 2013 scientist examined 64 species of wild Alaskan salmon. After filleting the musculature into narrow slices, the scientist looked carefully and observed the internal organs too using a magnifying glass.

They found out that there were larvae between eight to 15 millimeters long. That continually elongated and contracted motion. With gene matching the Japanese tapeworm genes.

According to the CNN, those who wants to be sure and safe should stick with adequately frozen or cooked fish, according to the CDC. US salmon may really carry Japanese tapeworm in this case people might take consider before consuming raw fish the threat of parasites in it. Cooking the fish at 145 Fahrenheit for four or five minutes will destroy the tapeworm.

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