Apple Patent Shows iPhone 8 May Have Holes On It

Holey iPhone! A recently granted Apple patent indicates the iPhone 8 may have some holes or opening on it.

The new technology granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last Tuesday is entitled "Electronic Devices Having Displays with Openings".

As reported by Fox News, the tech will allow a device will have one or more openings that will enhance its functionality. The display with the openings may be placed in the housing used on the smartphone. Some electrical components within the device may be aligned with the holes on the display. Such components may include the phone's camera, speakers, microphones, and antenna. Sensors such as light and proximity sensors, status indicator lights, and touch sensor may also be seen through the openings.

The perforations may also be used to see another display or let sound course through to a speaker. The voice of the user may also be picked up clearer and louder by microphone attachments through the openings.

The holes may also change the look of the iPhone. As a matter of fact, with some of the components enhanced with the help of the openings, the possibility of a full face display gets higher. If Apple engineers can take the microphones and sensors of the front of the handset, this will certainly allow Apple to finally deviate from its currently stagnant iPhone look.

While it is mentioned in the abstract that the openings will allow one to view another display or the components inside the phone, it does not mention the size of the holes.

Other news about Apple's next flagship phone which also happens to be its anniversary iPhone, include having a curved display, an all-glass casing, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, wireless charging, and dual vertical cameras with 3D lens. The iPhone 8 will also possibly have AR and VR features.

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