Adobe Releases Voice Controlled Photo Editing Teaser Trailer

By Andy Franco , Jan 12, 2017 07:54 PM EST

Adobe seems like it's attempting to join the ranks of companies employing the help of digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri. This is Adobe's attempt to provide its creative patrons with an easy and engaging way to use their mobile applications.

Adobe recently teased an online video featuring technology where you can crop, reframe, and share your final photo with just the command of your voice. The user in the video used an iPad app then selected a voice control option. The intelligent assistant responds accordingly as he instructs it to crop the image into a square, flip the same image horizontally, undo the flip, save the image, and ask it to post the piece on Facebook.

The uploaded YouTube clip which lasts exactly 30 seconds is called "What If You Had An Intelligent Assistant for Photo Editing?" Apart from the new Adobe video description reads: "Our Adobe Research team is exploring what an intelligent digital assistant photo editing might look like." The science of voice interaction combined with the needs of Adobe customers are joining the technological revolution with great thanks to Adobe Sensei.

However, the Interactive Agent for Photo Editing is just a proof of concept as of now. This means that Adobe is still experimenting with the tech indefinitely. It was shown to execute relatively simple tasks which seems perfect for quick and on-the-go editing when provided with instructions through a very natural way of speaking. We'll have to see if it evolves to accept much more complex commands.

Several YouTube users have expressed their disappointment with the Adobe concept already. "It generally takes me more effort to vocalize commands than just doing them myself," remarks one user by the name of jmalmsten. "Especially if my fingers are literally within inches from the tool anyway. So ... no."

Watch the early concept of Adobe's voice commanded app through the video seen below so you can give your own insight.

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