Google Building Android Laptop? Should Apple iPad And Microsoft Surface Follow?

A new report out by Digitimes — which is known for releasing either very on the money hits or very off misses — states that Google may enter the laptop market with an Android-based laptop. It could be true, as the company recently launched a high-end Chromebook Pixel, which has the highest-resolution display of any laptop on the market.  

Google might be looking at Android to power low-end laptops for the company, while Chrome OS powers mid- to high-end Chromebooks. It sounds like it is really diversifying its product lineups: from smartphones, to tablets, to Chromebooks, and now possibly a new Android laptop. Apple and Microsoft should listen up.

Should Apple or Microsoft have something waiting in the wings to take on an Android laptop? Apple has been rumored to be releasing a lower-priced MacBook Air in the future, since the machine is considered to be one of the best designed laptops the folks in Cupertino have released. Current MacBook Airs have almost instant bootup, and surely Android would boot fast on a Google laptop. Apple has left turning its iOS tablets into "sort-of laptops" to third-party developers. It's usually achieved through a Bluetooth keyboard case for both its iPad and iPad mini lines. It would definitely be a cool product to have a MacBook Air that ran iOS — similar to how Windows 8 has touchscreen lapstops. Can you imagine playing all your favorite games, apps and more on a device like that?

Microsoft has sort of addressed the laptop segment with both its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets. The tablets have a very unique accessory that allows the tablets to snap into a Touch Keyboard that costs an extra $120; to snap into a traditional type cover keyboard it will run you an additional $130. Microsoft should really consider bundling these with the Surface, since it is probably the most unique feature Microsoft can capitalize on compared to competing tablets.

It will be interesting to see if Google does release an Android tablet, and if we'll see the big guns, like Apple and Microsoft, enter the market to keep Google on its toes. Would you be interested in an iOS laptop, a Surface that shipped with a free touch keyboard, or an Android laptop? Let us know in the comments.

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