Pokemon Go Update: Why Blissey Is Considered As The Next Top Tier Gym Defender?

Since Pokemon Go was released, the game has received numerous updates and feature additions through time and Niantic still continues to bring new exciting contents to keep their fans engaged every time.  Meanwhile, the heavily rumored update called the Gen 2 patch is expected to arrive anytime soon. As a result, several gaming enthusiasts predict that the future update will cause major changes to the aspect of the game especially during gym battles.

According to the report from Otakukart, there are several strong Pokemon in Gen 2 that could challenge the existing elite gym attackers and defenders in Pokemon Go. One of which is Blissey. This fairy Pokemon is mostly seen on the anime version assisting Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center. Blissey is an evolved form of Chansey which is currently present in the game.

Based on the source, Chansey's impressive amount of stamina is one of the reasons that Blissey could become an elite gym defender very soon. As reported, Chansey currently holds the title of being a top tier stamina Pokemon in Pokemon Go. With Chansey evolving to Blissey in gen 2, that massive stat line for stamina will be expected to grow even further enabling the said Pokemon to hold off gym a little bit longer.

Additionally, it was reported that Blissey will mostly be placed with a maxed stamina alongside a better defense stat that is nearly similar to Cloyster. Apparently, there are some current stats found in the game code dedicated for Blissey. As seen on the code, Blissey is expected to have up to 3219 combat points with 510 stamina. However, it might be edited into a higher number when the patch arrives.

Overall, it seems like the addition of Blissey to the game might cause havoc during gym battles since this fairy Pokemon is tougher than anybody else would have thought. Meanwhile, fans are encourage to start collecting Chansey candies as early as now in order to prepare for the possible arrival of Pokemon Go Generation 2 update.


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