Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox: Silicon Valley's Most Popular Tech Companies

Young people certainly have plenty of choices when it comes to jobs in Silicon Valley, also known as the Techiest Place on Earth.

With campuses for just about every tech company you can think of — be they Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and tons more where those come from — in San Jose, Calif. and surrounding hamlets known collectively as Silicon Valley, the vast number of choices might be more of a challenge than getting in for some.

Students and those looking for a job in the tech sector out there in Silicon Valley can rest a little bit easier, now that HackerRank was nice enough to cull together a list of the most popular tech companies in the Valley, based on numbers assembled with the participation of the site's users.

The research was part of HackerRank's "hack challenges" called Back to School and CodeSprint4, which engaged users in coding challenges while also offering them a chance to apply to full-time and internship jobs via one application to more than 20 tech companies in Silicon Valley.

HackerRank came up with some fascinating results that may surprise some.  

U.S. college students who engaged in the Back to School hack challenge made Dropbox the most popular company to apply to for internships. Twitter and Facebook took second and third, respectively, with Pocketgems and Opentable coming in dead last.

Those who scored highest on the Back to School challenge said that Palantir was the company to which they would be applying for an internship. TapSense was the choice for those who scored the lowest on the test.

As for full-time applicants, they are all looking at Palantir, which scored the highest among those who took the challenge. Quora, Facebook, RocketFuel, Coursera and Dropbox tied for second for most popular company. The lowest-scoring company for full-time applicants was beRecruited.

Quora was the choice for full-time applicants who scored highest on the Back to School hack challenge.

CodeSprint4 was a hack challenge conducted by HackerRank that included international candidates and non-U.S. college students.

Facebook and Dropbox were pretty much neck and neck when it came to those looking for internships who took on the CodeSprint4 challenge. Octane Technologies came in last as the most popular company for those seeking an internship.

Facebook meanwhile took in the highest-scoring applicants seeking an internship.

As for full-time applicants taking the CodeSprint4 hack challenge, the winner again was Dropbox, which — along with Box, funnily enough — was ranked most popular by the highest-ranking challenge takers seeking a full-time job.

HackerRank, meanwhile, took in the lowest number of interested applicants for full-time jobs. Coincidence or irony? You tell us in the comments below!

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