Nokia Lumia 920 Firmware Rolling Out In Europe: Will It Bring Improvements Or Problems?

Nokia started rolling out the 1308 software update for its Lumia 920 devices on AT&T in March 2013, and now reports indicate that the software update has started reaching European Lumia 920 smartphones as well.

The 1308 software update is a maintenance fix to the Lumia 920 handsets, which brings a lot of little changes and tweaks to your phone after Nokia received feedback from field testing.

Reports indicate that one of the major additions to the 1308 firmware is the custom Storage Check tool made by Nokia that allows users to visually graph the allocation of storage space on their devices. Moreover, with a simple touch of a "Clear" button, users can now delete their temporary memory on the device, which for some means freeing up some space back onto the device.

The 1308 software update also brings camera improvements, changes to the proximity sensor and laying the groundwork for more additions with future Nokia system updates.

Even though the 1308 update is supposed to bring improvements to the Lumia 920, many AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 owners who installed the software update are complaining that they are having connectivity problems after installing the update.

"My L920 has been having a difficult time connecting to AT&T since the firmware update. It was going in and out, it shows the bars but I am unable to send or receive texts or anything else without being on WiFi. Anyone else had this happen to them?" complained one user on Reddit.

Nokia has not released any statement regarding the connectivity issues after installing the 1308 software update.

We will have to wait and see how swiftly the firmware reaches various European destinations and if the software update brings any problems along with it.

If you are in Europe, have you received the 1308 software update on your Lumia 920?

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