Lego City: Undercover Remastered Gets A New Trailer

Lego City: Undercover may have disappeared in obscurity since its release back in 2013, but the game is getting a remaster for current-gen consoles. A new trailer has also been released to get fans pumped for the GTA-type Lego game.

According to Game Tyrant, Lego City: Undercover was actually well-received by critics, but since it was a Wii U exclusive, not many people got to play it, and it was forgotten soon after that. The remastered game, however, makes Lego City available for all consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, so more people can join in on the fun this time around. The updated game is also available for the PC as well as the incoming Nintendo Switch.

In Lego City: Undercover, players take control of cop Chase McCain as he tries to go after notorious criminal Rex Fury. Just like every Lego game that came out, Undercover comes with a dash of classic Lego humor, but this time around it will be on the streets. McCain has his arsenal of different disguises (hence the Undercover title), and he is also joined by his fellow cops Frank Honey, Natalia Kowalski and Chief Dunby.

Undercover also has an expansive open world with dozens of achievements for the players. Players get to choose between 100 different vehicles, and they can also play over 300 available characters. With Grand Theft Auto being on the more mature side, parents will be able to bring the same fun for their kids with this game without all the cussing and violence.

Just like the trailer suggests, Lego City: Undercover was applauded by critics, and had 9/10 ratings for both Eurogamer and Machinima. The only problem that the game really had going for it was the exclusivity to the Wii U - a console that was considered to be one huge flop for Nintendo. Though the release date for Lego City: Undercover wasn't announced specifically, players can expect it to come out this spring.

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