Pix The Cat Latest Multiplayer Mode Trailer Reveals Amazing Details; Check It Out Here

Recently, Pix The Cat  got a new trailer video for the multiplayer mode on Xbox One. Fans are very excited about the feature that it has. The multiplayer mode will surely keep the players busy.Pix The Cat  is expected to be a big hit this year, as it offers an all new style of gameplay to everyone.

What Is Included In The Multiplayer Mode For Pix The Cat On Xbox One?

The video trailer of the multiplayer mode for Pix The Cat, which can be seen down below, shows how fun the game will be right after the multiplayer mode is released. It offers three amazing game modes that fans will surely love. First is the Nostalgia Mode, which offers an amazing black and white design, where players must solve the puzzles on very stages for a limited time. The second game mode is the Laboratory Mode, where players must collect the friendly cells for a short time. The last game mode is the Arena Mode. It this mode, players will battle opponents with the help of some items. It is the rockets, mines and mighty dash. This will definitely bring a lot of fun and thrill to the game.

When Is The Release Date Of Pix The Cat For Xbox One?

Pix The Cat will be released on Feb. 8, 2017 for Xbox One. This is definitely a game to get, so Xbox One gamers might consider getting it. Rumors suggest that many players on Xbox One are going to get the game. Due to this, fans can expect that the game will continuously be supported by the developers. The game has a lot of positive feedbacks, making it totally worth it to get. Meanwhile, PC owners can now play Pix The Cat. It is available on Steam.

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