Fire Emblem Warriors Announced To Be Released On Nintendo Switch; Here's What To Expect

The Nintendo Switch Event made a lot of fans happy, as it reveals massive number of games to be released on the console.Fire Emblem Warriors is one of the games that made a lot of fans very excited. However, it made a lot of fans worried as well. It is because of how the game looks in the trailer, which seems a bit unpolished. Rumors suggest that the game will still have a lot of improvements.

What To Expect From The Fire Emblem Warriors For Nintendo Switch?

The trailer video of the Fire Emblem Warriors at the Nintendo Switch Event, which can be seen down below, shows how amazing the game looks like. However, there are only a few details in the trailer, as it only shows the scene of the Fire Emblem shield. Fan can also see the scene at the end of the trailer, where a mysterious man lifted up the sword. Rumors suggest that something big is about to change in the Fire Emblem games. It is also believed that new characters and villains will be added to the game, though it is yet to be confirmed. There are a lot of speculations that the game will look exactly like the Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, which excites a lot of fans. Fans are also curious about the game's storyline. At this point of time fans can only wait for further announcements of the Fire Emblem Warriors for Nintendo Switch.

When Will Fire Emblem Warriors Be Released For Nintendo Switch?

There is no release date yet for the game, though it is believed that the company will reveal it in the next few days. Rumors also suggest that the game will be released right after Nintendo Switch's launch in March. This is definitely a game to get, especially for the Fire Emblem fans.

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