ElliQ Is The World's First Voice Activated Robot For Elderly

ElliQ is the world's first ever voice activated robot made especially for elderly. It has been made by an Israeli startup Intuition Robotics that aims to take care of the elderly family members, which would allow them to continue to live at their home with better care and connection to family, with a touch of technology.

The company has described the device to be an active aging companion and it even looks more like an Android tablet, somewhat similar to the digital assistants like Alexa or Siri, designed especially to help the elderly to connect them with the friends and family.

It has an attachable bobble head-esque animatronics that provides a physical, moving manifestation of the digital assistant. It was designed by Yves Behar's Fuseproject group. He remarked in an interview that the design of the device is just meant to help develop a unique bond between ElliQ and the owner by natural movement and body language.

Recently, the company has put up a video that shows amazing features of ElliQ such as verbal notifications, reminders, reply to messages, video calls and an app connected especially designed for loved ones to monitor every activity. The video shows the concept of the device rather than actual presentation of it. But apart from that, it has been an amazing idea to put up.

Until now there has not been any release date for the device or even information for its pricing. Although, a sign on the company's website to join the waiting list for the device is available. Certainly, this is a great concept to help people and changes perspective of the gadget makers in future. It can surely assist in taking care of an elderly parent and can now very well be in much better hands.

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