Why Niantic Needs To Introduce Technical Machines To Pokemon GO

Almost all Pokemon GO fans will agree that the game lacks a lot of interesting features. Sure, Niantic might have introduced a couple of new ones; however, not most of these necessarily bring the game to the next level. One of the most talked about features players want to see in the game are TM's or Technical Machines. Here's why this is actually a great addition to the title.

In Pokemon GO, creatures don't own any sort of levels. This is very different from how the original handheld games (remember the Gameboy era?) did it. In contrast to that, the developers introduced what is now called the CP or Combat Points. As the name suggests, it gives players an idea as to how strong or useful a specie is in battles. This is most especially when determining if a Pokemon is apt for defending and/or attacking a gym.

Apart from the aforementioned, there's the evolution mechanic -- something that's also completely different in Pokemon GO. For instance, the amount of candies players need to acquire will first depend on the requirement of a certain creature. The good is it allows players to choose on whether or not to evolve a Pokemon. It's worth noting that this process is, somehow, quite similar to the original titles, as noted by Otakukart.

Unfortunately, this is where the disappointment and/or frustration come in Pokemon GO. There are instances when players try to evolve a Pokemon using the 100 candies they've collected only to end-up with a creature having non-ideal moves. Obviously, this simply ruins the game. This is where TM's can be of great of use.

Technical Machines in Pokemon GO will be basically there to improve a player's choice of favorable moves. It'll also allow them to teach a certain creature of a specific move, one that is suitable and efficient. If Niantic is to introduce these, the studio can resort to making these available in PokeStops. They could also work similarly to how they did in the previous games in the series.

What are your thoughts on the possible addition of TM's to Pokemon GO? What are your expectations? Be sure to share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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