Log In To GTA 5 Now And Get A $250K Bonus

GTA 5 has been in existence for quite some time. But despite this fact, it continues to acquire more followers. Heck, it's even considered as today's largest and highly celebrated games. It only goes to show just how committed and passionate Rockstar Games is. The studio simply knows how to take care of the community. Well, this is entirely true with the supposed logging-in bonus!

In a Reddit post by Onerock, the GTA 5 player suggests that he received a gift after logging-in. And take note: this isn't a simple thank you or whatsoever. Because seriously, a $250K (in-game currency) isn't a joke or something. Obviously, this is an interesting story to know.

The aforementioned GTA 5 fan pointed out that he received the amount after logging into the game's online mode. The screen prompted him, asking to hit the "OK" button to move forward. And viola, it went straight to home -- a very straight forward $250K in-game bonus.

There's no official explanation as to why Rockstar did this in GTA 5. It's even a mystery if this is an ongoing event. Or perhaps, the studio just does this on a random process. Another Reddit user said that he got the same amount, too, after being out for a couple of months. But on this end, he received a staggering $2.5 million in-game currency.

The only difference with Onerock to the above-mentioned user is he's been often playing GTA 5. He barely misses it, contrary to what was believed. Some players said that this might be a thing from around November to December. During that period, Rockstar was giving in-game money to fans in way of celebrating the Holiday season.

What are your thoughts on the $250K logging in bonus received by the GTA 5 fan? Did this happen to you as well? If so, how much was it? Don't forget to share to us your experience. You can do so by leaving a comment or two below!

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