Titanfall 2 Has A New Intense Game Mode Coming Soon

Titanfall 2 is quite a paradox with critics praising it while its sales is considered a disappointment because it didn't reach the expected target. In order to assure its fans and everybody else that the game is as committed to making it a success in the long run, Respawn Entertainment will be releasing a new game mode soon.

Despite the disappointing sales, Respawn Entertainment and EA must have noticed the positive discussion among the Titanfall 2 community that they are releasing a new multiplayer game mode called "Live Fire," which they described as intense and fast-paced.

According to the Titanfall 2 official website, this mode will be a 6v6 Pilot mode only which will focus on close quarter combat. The objective of the game will be just to eliminate all the opposing team in one minute and there will be no respawns. Another alternative in order to win this mode is to acquire the neutral flag before the timer stops.

The Live Fire mode will also have two exclusive maps called Stacks and Meadows, which are designed for the closed-quarter combat that will occur in this mode. As the blog described them, they are "enclosed death boxes" that will add to the intensity of the fights.

These are not the only content Respawn and EA are planning for Titanfall 2. They also said that there will also be an additional Coliseum map called Columns as well as Pilot execution and Commander intros for each faction.

Far along the future, the devs are also looking into adding a feature that will allow players to create their own 'mixtapes' as well as choose the modes they want to play, such as Attrition or Last Titan Standing. Respawn said that they will be announcing more infos and details in the coming weeks.

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