Moderate Exercise Keeps Inflammation Down

Exercise has a lot of benefits for the health. Even just moderate exercise can already give good results for people. Now there is another benefit, as moderate exercise keeps inflammation down.

Already exercise's benefits include strengthening the body as well as weight control, among other things. Researchers are now finding out that moderate exercise can have the added benefit of being anti-inflammatory. This has been the findings of researchers from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine.

Even just one session of moderate exercise could already be enough to keep inflammation down, as the study has found out. The exercise doesn't need to be long as well, as 20 minutes of moderate exercise would already be good for it. Senior author Suzy Hong, Ph.D. from the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health has said that exercise increases immune cell level.

She has also said that the anti-inflammatory benefit of exercise has long been known. Knowing just how it happens would be the key to maximize the benefits of exercise. Much research has already shown that the brain and nervous system are activated during exercise in order to carry out the movements being done. Hormones are also released to the blood stream at this time, according to the UC San Diego News Center.

With the hormones released, the body then has immunological responses to it. One of those responses is the production of proteins. One of those proteins produced is called TNF. TNF is used to regulate inflammation, which in turn would boost immune responses in the body.

In the study, 47 participants walked on a treadmill. The treadmill has been adjusted for each participant based on their level of fitness, as Science Daily reports. Blood from the participants have been collected before and after the exercise session. Dr. Hong has said that an exercise doesn't need to be intense in order to get anti-inflammation benefit from it.

Exercise has many benefits already. This cannot be ignored. Now there is another benefit, as moderate exercise keeps inflammation down. Lack of exercise is detrimental, and sedentary parents can be imitated by kids.

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