Abducted Baby Found After 18 Years, DNA Test Reveals Truth

An abducted baby was found after 18 years. She was taken a few hours after she was born. The young woman now lives under another name. Her birth name is Kamiyah Mobley.

Her neighbor in Walterboro, South Carolina, described her as a typical 18-year-old who lives with the woman she long believed to be her mother. Mobley and the woman often got their nails done together, according to a neighbor who refuses to be identified. But on a DNA test done this week, Mobley was abducted from a Florida hospital in July 1998 by a woman posing as a nurse.

Law enforcement has not released the name of the woman who she has been living with. She was found in South Carolina this week, where authorities arrested Gloria Williams, 51. Williams was charged with kidnapping and interference with custody. She used fake documents to give Mobley a new identity.

William's neighbor knows her as a social worker that provides for her daughter. She will be facing extradition to Florida, where on a summer day, nearly two decades ago, she allegedly posed as a nurse and abducted an 8-pound baby girl wrapped in a pink and blue blanket. Investigators ask Willialms' relatives to gather more information. It was not stated if she had an attorney or not.

According to the CBC, meanwhile the abducted baby was found after 18 years is now trying to reunite with her real family. According to the Jacksonville sheriff, the young woman had an inclination beginning a couple of months ago, that she may have been abducted. He added that the abducted girl was taking everything as well as anyone could imagine. This is something that needs a lot of processing. And that she needs to think about a lot of things.

According to the CNN, she was found after a series of tips late last year to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The sheriff said that the FBI assisted regarding the case. The baby abducted was found after 18 years, now her biological parents and grandmother were extremely excited and overwhelmed with emotion.

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